Our diabetic socks are very useful for diabetic patients, pregnant women, sportsman, travelers in improving blood circulation and giving good sleep at night, as evident in this video

Diabetic Patients

In addition to nutrition, medication & exercise, diabetic patients can use Kapas Kapas sock to improve blood circulation.

During Pregnancy

Kapas Kapas socks help improve blood circulation and cope with leg cramps that are often experienced by pregnant women and the elderly.


Pain feet after sports? Apply any special gel, ointment or deap heat cream and wear Kapas Kapas socks for a good night sleep.


Performing of umrah activities are more comfortable by wearing Kapas Kapas socks during prayers and sleep.


Protect your feet from edema after traveling long hours. Kapas Kapas socks is designed to enable better circulation of blood to support your leg from swelling.

Leg cramp

Legs camps are gone, sleep is getting better. Many are already aware of the effectiveness of the Kapas Kapas Socks.


Diabetes causes feet to swell and it takes a long time to recover. Wear Kapas Kapas sock to avoid swelling in the legs.

Marathon runner

Running marathon is strenuous. Wear Kapas Kapas to give comfort, to reduce pain and sweat on your feet.


Travelling is fun. When we are tired we need a good night sleep. Wearing Kapas Kapas will satisfy your needs to continue your journey the next day.